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Arroz Mexicano

Estimated prep and cook time: 2-1/2 Corona

Ingredients: 2 cups rice
1 jalapeno
2 cups salsa (can substitute one fat tomato, onion, and garlic all blended just add add salt!!)
vegetable oil
1-2 heaping teaspoons of chicken boullion

What to do:

  1. Get a big pot, dude
  2. Turn heat way the hell up
  3. Put just enough oil to barely cover bottom of pot, drop in jalapeno<
  4. Fuse jalapeno to oil for about a minute or two
  5. Add rice and do not let rice sit. Must constantly turn that stuff, so you better have your spatula ready and your beer already open 6. push the rice back and forth, constantly turning until the rice gets golden opalescent. DO NOT BURN IT DAMMIT!
  6. Add salsa
  7. Constantly turn da stuff some mo. Don't stop while the heat is up!
  8. Turn da heat way down, but not all the way, just most of de way and add about 4 cups of water, the chicken boullion, a little salt and cover.
  9. Cook dat yummy grubby for about 45 minutes to an hour and fifteen. Depends on how good of a pot you are using.
  10. Check on it after the first 45 minutes
  11. If dat rice is still boiling, then cover that back up! Keep cooking. DO NOT STIR!!! Poke with a fork if you have to, but dear god, do not stir it or you might as well just throw dat away and call Los Hermanos. YUM!!